— Microsoft Bing Maps team today released new imagery of 3.67 million square kilometers in Turkey, Greece, and Argentina in partnership with Digital Globe. Recently, Bing team also announced the availability of new imagery in Italy and Switzerland which included 297,000 square kilometers in Italy and 38,000 square kilometers in Switzerland.

Microsoft highlighted the below stunning imagery of Turkey, Greece and Argentina:

  • Located on the Mediterranean coast of southwest Turkey, Antalya is a popular tourist destination, attracting millions tourists each year. Visitors enjoy the natural beauty and the ancient cities of Antalya, including the Xanthos recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.
  • The island of Samos is located in the eastern Aegean Sea. Heralded as the birthplace of several Greek philosophers, including Pythagoras of the Pythagorean Theorem, it is also known for its vineyards and wine from ancient times to present day.
  • Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina and home to The National University of Cordoba, which is the oldest university in the country. As seen in the aerial image below, it is also home to piece of art that can only be viewed from the sky – a forest in the shape of a guitar. The guitar formed out of trees was created resident in memory of his late wife.

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