Global Week Honor the Father Posted 11 Ιουνίου, 2013 by Tasoula Semoiloglou

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Honor the Father who struggles daily to support their children morally and materially within the family.

Greater value, however, must in him the Father by circumstances placed him outside the “family context” and he insists that strives for balanced mental and physical development of children, claims the paternal role and substantial relationship with his children and denies role of “parent – visitor.”

In developed countries, about 70% of marriages dissolved, according to international statistics. In Greece, 1 in 4 marriages ends in divorce. This experience is psychologically traumatic for those who divide, but it is even more painful to the psyche of children. Given the social stereotypes, lack of culture “co-curated” of children by both parents and the lack of specific structures in Social Welfare and Justice, was removed from the family home and the daily contact and child custody in 99% of cases, is their father, hereafter treated solely as “check maintenance” …

Continuity we experience in our schools … In addition to managing the particular psychological turmoil experienced by our students, we often face and the transfer of this controversy at school. The Ministry of Education was forced to issue a circular stating that “… there can be banned within school premises …” The communication of the parent who has custody of the child, “… a fortiori, it can not be denied entrance to the parent this school … “.

“Care of the education should be to protect the vested rights of the child-student in parenting by both parents … without favoring any unbecoming proprietary perceptions of parent custody towards the child-student.”


Within this harsh reality, which as teachers face daily in our schools week Honor the Father has a distinct meaning.

Children of divorced parents can not “orphan” from their father, while he lives, interests and fighting for them.

The Global Week of Father celebrated with events across Greece.

– On Tuesday, 06.11.2013, 19:00, at the statue of Venizelos in Thessaloniki, organized an event on the 32nd Panhellenic Book Fair, with choral songs and dances.

– On Sunday, 16/06/2013, at 11:00, at Fountain of Ermou Street in Athens.

– On Sunday, 16/06/2013, at 11:00, at Center for Art and Patras (in Central Square).

– On Sunday, 06.16.2013, 19:00, in the new City Hall of Thessaloniki will be an event for all the children of the town with dancing, games and activities paintings.


“Honor your Father and Mother …”, the only one of the Ten Commandment, accompanied with promises of blessing to longevity and happiness!

Maybe sometime matured the idea of ​​establishing celebration “Honor to the parents’ towards different days price separately in each of the two …

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